Notable intercepts of copper oxides and sulfosalts from roadwork and drilling can be seen. Cores are cut by occasional breccias of quartz- chalcopyrite prot-ore include [email protected]% Cu (MIL-01), 252m @0.24% Cu (MIL-02), and [email protected] 0.28 % Cu (MIL-011). Several intercepts show increasing grades towards the bottom of drill holes with highest grade intercepts of 0.5- 0.65% Cu over 2-4m intervals in MIL-006 near its bottom. One infill hole was completed (MIL-011) indicating mineralization between drillholes 750m apart is continuous.
The system is punctuated by outcropping undrilled copper-rich breccia pipes, very high-grade Cu in rock samples reportedly 69% Cu possibly from a sample of digenite (Fig 16). Photo shows digenite-like specimen from Teck’s office at Milena. Teck also located a clast of pure ovellite. There are unexplored areas with +100ppb gold. Assay results and core has been retained by Teck and can be made available.

Figure 16. Digenite/Covellite sulfide rubble sample in Teck’s office on the Milena property. Photo 2010 by S.M. Johnson