Milena is a Miocene breccia-porphyry (Cu-Mo-Au) target with deep and shallow targets currently only tested by small number of relatively shallow holes drilled that confirms primary copper mineralization at depth, likely below the bimodal dikework dome (dated by satellite based x-cutting relations as Infiernillo age…12-16my) or near outcropping quartz diorite IIQ of Teck.

Drilling near the dome showed ore-grade mineralization at 175m and long intervals of strong but below-ore-grade copper mineralization.

Satellite outcrop analysis by Milena Resources geologists in 2016 show signs that there may have been pre-industrial mining in some high diorite cliff outcrops in an unexplored area where modern sampling by Teck shows +100 ppb gold. This represents an unidentified exploration area with epithermal gold potential.

The latest porphyry discoveries such as the “Valeriano” and “El Encierro” projects, show on the surface, geological and geochemical evidence, which has strong similarities to what is seen on the Milena Concession. Mineralization at Los Azules is only slightly higher and has had at least 10x more work done on it and McEwen Mining recently announced plans for $6 million in drilling on the project.

Milena is currently one of the mining projects with the excellent evidence that it could become a major porphyry discovery in Chile.