Milena filed a 100 square kilometer concession block the includes Milena’s current property position in early 2006. Between 2007 and 2010, Teck conducted exploration exploration progams that included surface mapping and sampling, a ground magnetometry survey, road building, and 2,087 meters of diamond core drilling in seven holes. The work identified extensive areas of geochemically anomalous Cu, Mo, and Au in outcrop with near common ore-grade Cu mineralization and with spectacular ore-grade values on outcrop as high as 69% Cu (probably samples of solid digenite…see discussion below). Drilling identified similar hypogene Cu mineralization at depth. Teck left the door open for discovery when the project was cancelled prematurely in 2013 because of financial commitments on development projects and the outlook for copper prices. Milena Resources LLC believes the main target is a reddened high sulfidization alkali-like gold-copper porphyry alteration system (per Holliday and Cooke, 2007). Three drill tests of mineralized breccia, MIL 001, MIL 002 and MIL 011 assay 0.25% Cu averaged together over depths of hundreds of meters with peak assays as high as 0.65% Cu at the bottom of the last hole Teck drilled, MIL-006, started late in the season and terminated before completion because of weather-related issues.