Teck reported spending US$ 2.6 million in roadcutting, drilling, assaying, mapping, geophysics and PIMA analysis revealed significant copper mineralization in roadcuts and unbottomed in drill cores extending from 0 to +200 meters. For example: drill core assays on MIL 001, MIL 002, MIL 011 indicate geologically inferrable unbottomed copper resources within a triangular prism 500 meters on a side extending from the surface down 200 meters (see Fig 3).

The prism is bounded on all sides by continuous high sulfidization copper mineral. It contains approximately 22 million cubic meters of material grading 0.15-0.35% Cu. Copper grade increases toward MIL 006, a core hole that bottomed in 0.65% Cu at an elevation corresponding to mineralization within the prism. Five of the seven drillholes show thick, continuous unbottomed mineralization extending from near surface depths to +200 meters. Cu values increase with depth on several holes. Mineralization is extensive and outcrops reported by Teck run as high as 69% Cu on maps. One 232m core averages 0.28 % Cu average starting at the surface. Teck staff geologists recommended continued work. In 2013 Teck was scheduled to pay $200,000 as an advance royalty but outside forces prevented Teck’s continuation. The project was cancelled as other properties came under development.

drilling and results