There is no historical production but the St Joe-Chevron explored in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s. Work included trenching and drilling. Results are not known. In the 2000’s it was explored for epithermal gold and for porphyry copper systems by Barrick and by Teck. Teck as part of a Joint Venture agreement with Milena mapped this area at 1:5000. Talus and rock chip sampling, geophysical surveys (ground magnetic and IP-resistivity) were used to lay out drilling (maps available).
Early reports by Dr. Richard Sillitoe for Teck reports of weak to moderate D-vein like structures on the surface and stockworks associated with sericite – limonite mineralization in a central quartz stockwork zone. Milena adds that there are also sulfide-filled “A” veins in MIL-002 between 100m and bottom of hole at 260m. The “central zone” is roughly on strike with a quartz diorite porphyry dike extending from the copper rich breccia pipes. Teck found ore grade at 0.65% Cu material at the bottom of its last hole, at 175m, discovered just as the project was terminated but the hole was terminated with no follow up. Geochemical surface anomalies reveal strong enrichment of talus, rock and soil material >>>1000ppm Cu, >>>100ppm Mo, >100ppb Au, >200ppm As, indicating ongoing leaching and natural dispersal of metals into local drainages. Completion of the project by Teck was interrupted by considerations beyond the Milena project area.