Major deposits north and south of the so-called “flat plate/non-volcanic” zone include the giant El Teniente, Los Bronces-Cerro Sulfato, Los Pelambres-El Pachon porphyry and breccia deposits; and new discoveries like Los Azules, Valeriano, Encierro. Milena Resources satellite image mapping shows that the on site Infiernillo intrusions occupy a trans-Andean splay lineament system (see inset Fig. 2). The splay structures originate from a “paleo epicenter”-like focus point located on one limb of a plate fold or plate segmentation tear zone. Recent seismic work shows the “fold” is a transition zone between a subducted portion of the Juan Fernando Ridge (JFR projection) and regular “steep plate” tectonics.

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Figure 2. Milena and the “Flat Plate/Steep Plate” transition zone, (after M. Marot, PhD…undated)